Coffee Date-Blacksmith in Montrose

This is no dramatization. Joel and I cherish coffee dates!! You’ll be hearing about them a lot from moi. One coffee shop in particular which we will always be frequent flyers of is Blacksmith in the Montrose area of HTX. And I’m not the only person on the planet that thinks this, nor do I claim to have dug up some unknown gem in a dark hole. No, no. Type in “list of top ten coffee shops in Houston,” and it will pop up on everyone of those suckers. But it’s this way for a reason. It’s. awesome. The vibe is great, the atmosphere is great, the people are great, and, duh, the coffee is GREAT!.


Not to mention, GORGeous! Look at it! Now that is some attractive coffee. Naturally, I wanted to try something new and not waste my trip and money on something (one) I get all the time and (two) I wouldn’t like. My typical self, I saw an out-of-the-ordinary-enough, pretty cup of coffee someone just had delivered.  And, again, naturally, I need to ask them what it is.  The man informed me it was a Cortado; half espresso, half cream.  Woah! Cream? I ended up replacing cream with almond milk and it was incredible! Extremely thick, strong, but light. They do have other great drinks! The Daily Black is generally delicious.  If you buy a bag of beans, they give you your drink for free. The man working that day happen to give both our drinks for free, so we only ended up buying the beans! Score.


Blacksmith also knows how to do food, y’all. Joel and I split a Brie and Ham Sandwich. Really can’t say anything else but YUMM.O. to describe this sandwich. The bread was toasted, the brie melted, and the ham warm.

We got there around 11 am on a Saturday morning and started our time in line at the back door. It really only took us 20 minutes to get through the line to order. We got our drinks right away, and only waited about 5-10 minutes for our food. Totally worth it. Especially when you have a hunk like this to keep you company!  image3

I want to know about your favorite drink at Blacksmith, OR your favorite HTX coffee shop! We are always looking for another to try out!


8 thoughts on “Coffee Date-Blacksmith in Montrose

  1. If you haven’t tried them out already, I am a huge fan of Boomtown Coffee on 19th Street in the Heights. I go there every Saturday before the theatre class I teach, I love the atmosphere, food, and of course the coffee 🙂


  2. I’ve had Blacksmith once… It was ok, though the coffee didn’t agree with me later in the day. But I do like Agora on Westheimer, the coffee shop at ACC, Kraftsmen Bakery in the Heights and Kaffeine on Almeda.


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