Deep South Tour: Prattville, Alabama

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SO excited to start my tour off with this adorable little picture worthy town! It was actually by total coincidence that we stumbled upon this sweet treasure. I have a serious love for small towns, being a small-town girl myself, and this bit of heaven is the definition of quaint, southern, small town! I really wanted to share with you our <24 hours we spent in Prattville, Alabama.

Prattville is about 15 minutes northwest of Montgomery where the hills begin to roll and anything you see out the car window is gorgeous simply because its bring and luscious green.

We weren’t there for long, but, honestly, I could have spent days and days just enjoying the scenery and southern culture! Prattville had so much to offer, whether you are looking for a small town get away from the city, passing through the area, or even maybe looking to relocate.

Lets start first with it’s incredible downtown! Holy. Cow! It was not what I was expecting, but what I got was a whole lot of scenery from each and every angle of its downtown. DSC_0136 The tiny city is full of history! You can see it all around as you walk the curvy downtown roads or lookout over the dam sitting next to the original and first Alabama cotton gin factory built in the early 1800’s by Daniel Pratt, the town’s namesake.



There is a garden-edged, lantern-lit greenbelt that leads to the riverside.  It’s such a fabulous place! When we went, there were couples taking walks, families taking their small children down to the river so they could put their feet in, people fishing; it was perfect!


Ignore my lack of modeling skills, but this red brick wall!!!DSC_0126


We got their just in time for dinner and snagged a spot at the ultra-busy Uncle Mick’s downtown, just one of the great restaurant options in town.  It was fantastic!! I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was a recommendation given to us by a local couple (local recs are our fave!) I was completely impressed.

DSC_0121 DSC_0118

Uncle Mick’s brought amazing cajun food to northern Alabama, and it was the boo-uuuhmb! All the food is hot and fresh, home-cooked, and MICK serves it himself. You have to be careful though, it’s small town y’all…get there before everything closes!

We stayed at the most charming bed and breakfast in town.  We found they are few and far between in the immediate area, so we were grateful to find such a great and hospitable place! You will definitely have to check out my feature in the next week for Smith-Byrd House Bed and Breakfast!

Over all, I was in love with this historical piece of heaven! If you are into getting away from the chaos of the city, or looking for a hillcountry weekend in a cutesy downtown, Prattville is just about as good as it gets! You will want to look for their sweet special events calendar before you go.

Enjoy Alabama!










36 thoughts on “Deep South Tour: Prattville, Alabama

  1. How beautiful! I adore the south I used to live in South Carolina and I miss it! Never been to Alabama but if I ever do Prattville is now on my list (that red brick wall!! Super cute!)


  2. What a gorgeous little town! Your pictures make it look so magical! I love the dam too, I feel like you don’t often see things like that actually in a town, usually they’re further out.


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