An Alabaman Bed and Breakfast: Smith-Byrd House

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When we were heading for the Smoky’s this summer, Joel and I wanted to go off the beaten path (even more so) and find a charming bed and breakfast for the night.  We had stayed in one before, actually by accident, and had the best experience! I’m going to be honest, I definitely was pretty skeptical about staying at these places with people I had never met and sharing a breakfast table with strangers. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

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I searched many places to stay in a rather large vicinity in Alabama and Smith-Bird House caught my eye.  This bed and breakfast was one of very few in the area, and the only one of it’s historical kind! It’s found in Prattville, Alabama just north of Montgomery and full of charm and welcome!

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My favorite thing about finding any new small busines is getting to know the people who run it. The home and bed and breakfast is owned by a couple, David and Beth Melling, and two of the most hospitable and kind people I’ve known. They care deeply for their business and every guest that knocks on their door, as well as, the beautiful town they live in.  They take such care in everything from the way they set up the dining room to the food they serve and the rooms they keep. We got to the bed and breakfast in the evening and decided to explore Prattville and grab dinner. When we returned Beth had tea and a variety of homemade cookies ready for us, which were delicious!

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The bedroom we stayed in was absolutely gorgeous, clean, and welcoming, everything we want when we travel and are tired from being in the car or plane all dayFullSizeRender 4



Beth is an amazing cook! She grew up in the Georgia/Alabama area .andknows how to make some mean southern dishes! However, she and David lived in Northern California for many years and has an incredible, refreshing spin to the traditionally heavy southern foods. We joined them and another guest for breakfast the next morning with a beautiful, warm spread on the table complete with juice, coffee, and more tea.

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Let’s talk about that tea for a second. Y’all, I take my tea seriously. And I’m not FullSizeRender 7talking Earl Grey out of the bag from your local grocer (which I totally don’t have anything against!), we’re talking gourmet combinations that make my nostrils swoon. Okay, maybe I take my tea a little too seriously. I know some of you are thinking about stopping reading. But if you are trying to imagine what flavors you hope you has, then this place if for you. Beth runs a very busy tea house offering basically every tea imaginable. So, enjoy!



I don’t know about y’all, but fall makes me giddy, and we are so close to that crispy cool feeling. Well, if you live in Houston we are a little further away from that feeling, but I like to pretend.  Take a weekend trip and take a chance on one of these cozy, homey stays.  And if you’re anywhere in the vicinity of Smith-Byrd, you are one lucky human!

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18 thoughts on “An Alabaman Bed and Breakfast: Smith-Byrd House

  1. I love finding bed and breakfasts to stay at instead of your typical hotel! They’re so charming and this one is just adorable! Great find 🙂


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