So, I have this super fab friend that is near and dear to my heart…

She is all things wonderful and just, well…gets me. She is my blonde sister who I love sharing awkward moments with…

She’s craaaaaaazy good at hair, lives in Colorado, but is Fayetteville funky fresh and I miss her so…

She is also an amazing adventurer, writer, friend, and…yep, blogger….

Claire and her husband, Gray, recently trekked all over Roma and she documented each city they traveled through.

If you want to read more of Claire’s blog, visit Undone 21 Blog!


RrrrRrRRrrrOMA. I learned to roll my r’s while in Rome and overused it a lot.

So we flew into and out of Rome, it was the first and last place we spent time in Italy. The day of our arrival was rough. Okay, it was terrible. The worst part of our trip no doubt. A combination of our phones not working, our cards not working, and being generally confused and lost led to 4 hours of wandering before we finally found our Airbnb. Thankfully our hosts were very gracious and patient with us! Our first place we stayed in was perfect- everything we needed in a great location. We were right next to the Tiber river and Campo de Fiori which turned out to be where we spent most of our evenings.

We loved walking over to Fiori for dinner and watching the street performers. One night we watched a clown for at least half an hour make fun of unsuspecting tourists. I loved how such a mixed group of nationalities could all laugh at stupid slapstick comedy! During the day this square turned into a huge market stocked with flowers, produce and handmade pastas.

The Colosseum was crazy. People used to have to fight giraffes.

Our favorite area was the neighborhood of Trastevere. Smaller streets and tons of cafe’s for cheaper prices than near the center of Rome. We ate a couple of times at a spot called Carlo Menta and I got “cacio e pepe” both times. Spaghetti with cheese and pepper. So simple, so delicious. It was here that we first saw how much a liter of wine really is. It’s a lot.

When we stayed in Rome for a second time at the end of our trip, we were so exhausted we barely left the airbnb but to see the Vatican. This second place in Rome that we stayed was by far the most modern apartment we had seen- so clean and everything was white and it was HUGE. We were soooo impressed with this place. Though the location wasn’t as ideal, it was the perfect place to rest and prepare for our flight home.


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