A Blogger’s/Travelers/Adventurer’s Dream Bag!



For, literally, the past few years, I’ve been searching high and low for the perfect bag. But I had some very high standards and very specific qualifications that would issue that “perfect bag” title.  It needed to be sturdy, leather {preferably}, have that Mary Poppins effect where you can fit everything but the kitchen sink in it but not be too bulky {yes, I know Mary Poppins is fictional and therefore, in reality, these are two contradicting attributes}… It needed to be sophisticated, but versatile to match my ever-changing outfits and style preference of a low-attention span toddler. And to add to that my ever-changing travels…fullsizerender-25

*When I went in to Anthropology with my bag, a woman stopped me and gave me the biggest compliment and said she needed the bag, too!
*When I went in to Anthropology with my bag, a woman stopped me and gave me the biggest compliment and said she needed the bag, too!


My travels are all over the board to say the least…and that’s how I like it!

After visiting NYC a couple of times over the year, I seriously needed something classic but functional. Oh, hey! A leather backpack would be handy right now! I absolutely love messenger bags, but when I’m in a crowded place, walking non-stop, and brushing up against people incessantly, I could use something strapped down tight and not swinging with every out of rhythm step dodging the next New Yorker not looking where their walking…(I still love you New Yorker friends!)


Like I said, all over the board. This summer alone I was at a Young Life camp for 3 weeks in the Smoky Mountains, at three separate beaches along the east and gulf coast, and walking around several different towns and cities in the south, not to mention coming back home and starting a business from scratch.

*My husband snapped this while I was shooting for an event I was hosting in August.
*My husband snapped this while I was shooting for an event I hosted in August.


I want it, I need it, I got ta have it! 

At the beginning of the summer, I stumbled upon Urban Southern, a.k.a, the bag miracle workers. It was like they heard my wishes and POOF! there it was. Like I said, I actually do love messenger bags! It’s a perfect set up when you need to scramble through your bag at your side while holding a camera, a baby, a drink, a whatever! You’ll never guess what I came across.

A Messenger Backpack!




fullsizerender-13I’m sorry…a what?! Yep, it’s a convertible! Shut the front door! It’s genuine leather, sturdy, rustic, girly, sophisticated, and…VERSATILE! The straps convert to either backpack or messenger.

And let me tell you…

That Mary Poppins feature we were chatting about earlier?? It does exist! I can fit all my current reads, my lap-top, charger, phone, make-up, pens, and wallet in this baby.

Check out what I’m currently withholding in my beautiful

US Messenger Backpack below.

Current Reads:

  • “Beautiful Outlaw” by John Eldridge. Oh, friend. Do yourself a sweet favor and pick up this book!
  • “Entrusted” study by Beth Moore. Yep, me and Beth go all the way back to college. Picking up one of her’s like having coffee with an old friend. And, oh, all that truth she speaks! Yasss.fullsizerender-27

Basic Necessities:

  • Well, duh. There’s the Mac. Because, life…
  • Mac Charger, because life needs charging
  • Felt tip pens…no explanation neededfullsizerender-28

Other Goodies:

  • Make-up bag
  • wallet
  • Eos
  • Journal
  • Blog notebookfullsizerender-29

But you should really not just take my word for it! Check Urban Southern out for yourself and follow them on Social Media for sure! They do some stellar giveaways and you won’t want to miss them!

Urban Southern on Social Media

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Do you already use an Urban Southern bag??? If so, which one, and what do you think? If not, which one would you choose from their collection? They have so many styles to choose from! 



42 thoughts on “A Blogger’s/Travelers/Adventurer’s Dream Bag!

  1. What a gorgeous bag! I feel like ti would match everything in my closet and travel with me everywhere. Love how you styled it with your blue,floral dress.


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