Meet Bonnie

frblogMy name is Bonnie. I live in Katy, a suburban blur of west Houston and on-going development among utter sophistication and good ‘ol boys in the heart of Texas. I serve a loving God, and am married to the most wonderful, grace-giving man. I love everything travel, crafts, and food! This is my life from thoughts to techniques, and from favorite dishes/restaurants to favorite corners of the world. But if anything, know that Christ is Love.

I wanted to be careful with my blog.  I wanted to portray who I am really am, type how I really talk, show that every once in a while I can take a decent photo, but also let you all know that that’s not always real life, is it? After all, we are all imperfect people needing to give ourselves and others a lot more grace than we do.

Who am I? I am many things. Not in a conceded, arrogant way, but a I-wear-lots-of-different-hats sort of way.  I am a teacher (literally: 6th grade English, and yes, that makes me self conscience that you will now pick apart my grammar on my blog and, yes, while you mention it, as well as, every time we talk in person[hence every time I stop and correct myself in conversation and why I just used brackets within parenthesis]), I am a student, I am a ministry wife, daughter, sister, Young Life leader, kind-of-coach, and stalker of Jen Hatmaker.

I have a few separate goals writing to you.  I love the community of blogging however nerded-out that sounds.  I love to write.  I am a nonverbal communicator because its hard for me to convert my thoughts into words on the spot, but I have things to say, those this is perfect para mi. Don’t worry, I’m not a hermit.  I have a past, as we all do, and I have found that writing=healing and processing.  And last but not least, we do some pretty cool things that I think are worth putting out there, so lets start sharing! Me and YOU. I want this to be a place where people are encouraged to share their life, the messy-top-knot-and-no-makeup-days and the high-fashion-filtered-glamorous-days we all pretend is everyday.  I could use more real in my life.



12 thoughts on “Meet Bonnie

  1. YAYY! congrats on starting your blog! So happy and excited for you! I can’t wait to follow along. & I love your about page and origins page! ❤


  2. It’s been years since I have seen you and your brother. Glad to see your doing good in life and congrats on your blog


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