Recipe for a Perfect Friends’ Weekend Getaway!

Here’s the thing…

It is perfectly possible to have a great friends’ getaway weekend! I’m going to help you figure
out how in a minute. Sit tight and don’t fret friend!img_2822

img_2976And that’s a big ‘ol but… it is also perfectly easy to get it all wrong in the same breath! Ack!  I mean, I don’t mean to be a cynic, but the wrong mix and it could go up in flames *snaps finger* like that! Or there is always the boring as all get-out option…img_2996 img_3054 img_3048

Let’s start to find that middle ground then, shall we?? That perfect mix of fun, sassy, outgoing, chill that meshes the weekend into that perfect extended friend hangout!



You can have a good, solid plan, but still keep it super chill! Sounds sort of like an oxymoron for sure.  A lot of people are afraid of structure because they think it will kill the chill vibes. While this can totally be true, if it’s done right, it works! Trust me, I am the epitome of “Type-A”, so chill is an art form that I’m so desperately trying to attain! I’ve been working and working to find that fine line that is good structure for everyone, yet doesn’t squelch fun right out of the room.

You, too, men!
But of course it always helps to have something for them too…

So, what sort of plan do you need to have in place you ask?? 

Here goes! And I promise it’s totally doable…

  • Make sure everyone is on the same page!

This can includes what type of trip everyone wants to have, if people are wanting to spend money or would rather be as frugal as possible {how many dollar signs they want to see on the restaurant reviews on Yelp (i.e. $ or $$$)}, if they want to wake up at the butt crack of dawn and go all day, or sleep in and relax,img_2827

**REMEMBER, it’s ok, also, to break away from the group sometimes if you want!

  • At least put a little thought into what activities, if any, you would like to do while there!

For example, when we went to Fredericksburg, we knew we wanted to go to at least one winery, and climb Enchanted Rock. Other than that, it was play it by ear. And everyone was great with that plan. img_2776 img_2796

  • Create a food plan before you head out!

A little structure goes a loooong way, y’all! We had 3 couples and  5 meals to be made. Each couple was in charge of planning and preparing for 1 meal. Then, the girls did the same for a meal and the men prepared one meal. We then just charged the food on one card, and split it three ways (Venmo has made life so easy for splitting costs!!). We went out to eat once. But remember, our plan for the weekend was super chill, yours might be different. Maybe you only eat twice at the house and eat a lot out…you, obviously, can adjust it to your trip!

We took advantage of the fresh produce stands on the side of the highway!


Where to Stay?

This is simple…

Just make sure you choose a place that is cohesive its your attitude towards the trip. For us, like I’ve been repeating, it was chill. So we found an incredible deal split three ways on a perfect ranch house with the traditional Texas flair, complete with livestock!

img_2963 img_2975 img_2985 img_2989

And this country girl is not above hopping fencing to reach the animals!

img_3134img_3133 I feel like I’m constantly talking about AirBnB, but time after time, it never fails, we always find amazing places, like this  ranch house, to stay for incredible deals! If you have never used it, but want to try AirBnB for the first time, using this link will save you $35 on your first stay!  















I’d love to hear about some of your favorite Friend’s Get-Aways! What are some “musts” for you??



23 thoughts on “Recipe for a Perfect Friends’ Weekend Getaway!

  1. I agree – everyone needs to be on the same general page. Maybe not on every single thing – but at least on the big things like where you’re staying and eating plans. Thanks for sharing your tips!


  2. I LOVE Fredericksburg and this post makes me want to go back! I am a big believer in planning most of the meals (dinner) ahead of time saving you from “I don’t care. What do y’all want to eat?” issue. Great tips!


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