GUEST POST: A Fijian Honeymoon

anaMy dear friend, Ana Craft, from Loving Clairefully was just married about a month ago and went on the adventure of a lifetime spending days on the Fijian islands being immersed in the local’s culture, eating what they eat, learning from them, and loving everything about the people from their big smiles to their daily activities and way of life.  I asked Ana to share about their first married adventure. I would also highly suggest you head over to her blog and follow her her life adventure! Food for the soul, y’all! a-fijian-honeymoon

As the island faded in the distance, the twin motors of our cabin cruiser whisked us through waters glowing of green turquoise.  Our destination was a reef off the shores of Qamea known to locals as Cabbage Patch.  We slipped on our gear and dropped into a world of vivid colored underwater wonder.  Schools of skipjack tuna darted by while we explored the coral and countless tropical fish.  We repeated the adventure throughout the day stopping at various snorkel sites before wrapping up with a beachside barbeque consisting of the morning’s catch (that we caught!).

It was just another perfect day of the seven spent on our honeymoon at Qamea Resort and Spa in Fiji.  The resort offered endless opportunities for adventure, exquisite cuisine, and non-stop smiles from one of the friendliest societies on Earth.  It was the perfect beginning to our married life!

Activities at the Qamea Resort and Spa:

Cooking classes – We learned how to make one of their signature dishes, the unique, crunch almond and English cabbage Qamea Sumi Salad. (Yum!)

Basket Weaving – One of the staff members, Bubba, taught us how to weave baskets out of coconut leaves, which was pretty hard to do. I had to have him help me most of the time.gopr2334 img_2204

Qamea Volleyball Game – Every night at 4:30pm there would be a game of volleyball. The staff team would play against the resort guests and things would get heated! Physically and emotionally, but everyone was still a friend in the end.img_2089

Afternoon Tea – The perfect time of the day to relax, have a cup of tea, and fresh made cake that you most likely would end up grabbing a second helping!

Massages at the Jungle Spa – When I say Jungle Spa I mean a literal spa in the Jungle. It was like walking into the perfect dream of deep relaxation while the sounds of the island hummed you to sleep.img_1872 img_1988

Waterfall Hike – We were able to explore the Bouma Heritage Park with an awesome guide named Edmond. Here we swam under two spectacular waterfalls and hiked through a lush green rainforest.


Scuba Diving – This was the main reason a lot of the guests were at the resort! The scuba diving in Fiji is well known and they even offered beginner classes so you can get certified on the island. Brian and I were able to take a discover course and dived down to 40ft!


Village Tour – We had an amazing opportunity to see first hand how the Fijians lived and observe their culture. They were hospitable and welcoming as they greeted us with songs and big smiles!


Fun Fijian Phrases:

Vaka levu (Vaka-ley-vuh) means Plenty

Au Domoni Iko (ahh- ooh doh-mow-knee e-kow) means I Love You

Kerekere means Please

Ni Sa Yadra (knee- sar- yarn-dra) means Good Morning




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